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Tuesday night April 5th 7:15pm      


It’s no secret we all lead busy lives.  

That doesn’t mean we all can’t turn back the clock on our bodies or even achieve a body shape we’ve never had before!!

Members who've successfully achieved great results with us range from 15 to 60 years old and all with busy lives, kids, etc.

No doubt you've seen many "diets" come and go, maybe you have tried a few yourself...


For any eating plan to succeed it must achieve 3 key things. 

1. It must improve how you look (body composition)

2. It must improve how you feel (health)

3. It must improve how you function (energy)

Ask yourself this... "Do the diets that I have seen or tried before improve all of these 3 key things?" Unfortunately the answer is NO! Most don't...

TIME to clear all the confusion!

 On the night you will learn about:

    • Metabolism - What is it, and how does it change our body?
    • "Hairy Bag of Chemical Soup"
    • Where does exercise fit in? - how much do you really need to do?
    • How to judge calories - Do you need to count them?
    • Fitness and Fat-Loss - is there a difference?
    • What do the healthiest people in the world eat?
    • Where do we get it wrong,  what’s the most significant key to success?
    • I'll be detailing what I believe to be the single biggest cause of repeated failure in maintaining a healthy, lean physique!!

On the night we’re also launching our Body Transformation Challenge!! 

 All attendees will receive an exclusive offer and the first opportunity to book a spot.  As I work directly with challengers, numbers are strictly limited.

Seminar Details

Where: 19/513-515 Maroondah HWY Ringwood

When: Tuesday, 5th April (7:15pm start)

Time:  40mins

Cost:   FREE!!!  (Valued at $174.75)

Register your place NOW .  Seats are LIMITED so please book your seat early to avoid missing out.

This seminar has now been the turning point for many others, looking for a solution to their health, body shape and fitness.

I only present this information packed seminar twice a year so make sure you don’t miss out!!

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